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Improve your results by educating yourself to trade successfully
What is CasadelacryptoTM?

CasadelacryptoTM – is the online trading brokerage, that establish a worldwide Cryptocurrency trading platform which includes a vast variety of Cryptocurrencies. Free to buy or sell any Cryptocurrency, investors on the platform use these assets to trade and get better ROI.

How can I put money in my account?

In order to activate your account, you should make a deposit. You are able to use you e-wallet, credit/debit card or via wire transfer. Note that withdrawal of your funds is possible only via method you activate your account.

Must I have Bitcoin or other Crypto-currency before investing?

No, you don’t need to have any Cryptocurrency assets to begin the joint ventures with us. More than half of the investors trading right now didn’t had any Cryptocurrency when they began trading as well.

How do I withdraw money from my account?

Withdrawing money from your account is favorable for investors because it can be withdrawn whenever you need it. To receive your money including your preferred method, and eligible to obtain that method, such as having money in your account, you can receive your money when you need it.

What does Arbitrage Unit Mean?

Arbitrage Unit Mean is the investment of funds from a larger pool of funds. The main purpose is to aim the investment in market assets and instruments which have this sole purpose as well. The funds can be used for a wide variety of markets to either liquidate or buy Cryptocurrencies.


It should result in gains and profit-income for investors whom made the funds available as well. In arbitrage unit, multiple investors are involved, and the goal is to max the steady growth while maximizing the account’s security.


Achieving steady growth is what’s important. In fact, with a means like “arbitrage units,” it’s what all investors think and commit to when the heighten funds are utilized markets and even purchasing Cryptocurrencies whenever needed.

What is the meaning of "Benchmark fee"?

When a benchmark fee or the target profit is set for an account, it basically means that the broker fixed a “goal” to meet before a fee is paid. This is an incentive for both, the brokers and investors.

How many trades will be available per month?

It depends on a whole lot of factors, like the market condition as well as your risk/reward tolerance. It differs from each profile but averages between 100-400 trades every month. Various indicators determine a potential Cryptocurrency trader or investor’s ability to trade every month. One indicator is how the market condition is doing. Another determinant is the investor’s risk/reward tolerance which plays a huge role in determining how many trades are available for the account. Every profile varies all together, but it’s fairly between the average of 100-400 monthly trades per investor.

Is there a special software that needs to be downloaded to trade with a company?

Special software isn’t required to do any trading with Cryptocurrency, so you will not be forced to use any services of a trading business or company. A computer or personal laptop with an internet connection is what you need. Setting up an account with CasadelacryptoTM and start trading immediately. Available 24/7, you don’t have to do a thing, but allow our experts the capacity to begin profiting for you on your behalf.

Does my system need any special type of browser?

To enjoy trading on our system, we recommend the use of browsers like Firefox 3 or something higher, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 10 or something higher, and Safari. As well you can trade using our brand mobile apps.

What is the best amount to begin trading with?

With your investment amount, our trading strategies are more effective whether you invest in 250 USD/EUR or more to your account. This is the minimum amount to invest for an effective trade and profit strategy. Although, what the investors recommend from most of their clients is investing in a minimum of 500 USD/EUR for the initial start-up. For the serious investors, a minimum amount up from 1000 USD/EUR is advised to begin a prosperous future in the Cryptocurrency trade on CasadelacryptoTM initial investment.

Why should I trust you?

CasadelacryptoTM is a young and prospective project created by CasadelacryptoTM. The service provides safe and fast transactions without revealing identities. We provide the best rates due to a wide range of reliable trading platforms and have over 35 cryptocurrencies listed. On CasadelacryptoTM  there are no deposit storage and instant money exchange and each account protected with 2 factor authentication.

Why should I enter my email?

Your email is needed to create an account that gives you access to your transactions history, password editing and other settings. You may use your email or use social media to log in.


What is the 2-factor authentication?


The 2FA authentication is a method of how your account is protected. To log in, you’ll need a second device with Google Authenticator installed.

You may turn the verification off anytime you want.

How do I delete my account?

There is no option to delete an account on CasadelacryptoTM, so you may return anytime you want.